Artist's Statement & CV

April, 2017

As an artist I strive to express my personal interpretation of the visual experience of place. This is usually achieved by recording my images using paint, gestural mark-making and drawing.

IMG_0900My practice has moved from the literal translation of formal landscape towards painted abstraction. I find inspiration in familiar terrain by noting down elements of interest, structural motifs, and colour combinations; recording them in plein air sketches and in photographs, or occasionally painting on location. Most often paintings are further developed in the studio based compositions using gathered material, often using a fusion of two or more viewpoints or a juxtaposition of selected elements. Within the work I build a tension around features that may appear obscure at first glance, but which with deeper investigation reveal links that allude to the observed location.

Underlying core colours set a basic tone to the paintings, with contrasting colours emphasising form and pattern providing vibrancy and balance within the composition. This sets up an oscillation between easily identified shapes and those that are less defined. Most of my pieces are scaled to a square shape rather than the more usual long landscape format with the intention of encouraging the viewer to ponder what may lie outside the boundaries of this restricted form.

I want viewers to connect with the source of inspiration inherent within the paintings, firstly by their recognition of chosen elements, but ultimately to journey into the abstract thoughts around the subject and the scene.

Acrylic and oil paint is my chosen medium for the majority of a pieces with additional use of pastel crayon, graphite pencil, charcoal or oil bar where I want to emphasise structure, or to delineate portions of the painting that need stronger expression or visual direction. Most of the work is on prepared ply board as this supports heavy mark making and thick impasto paint. This firm base is ideal in that it allows me to both scrape back the surface to reveal under painting, or continue building up additional layers to increase texture.

Painters that have had an influence on my work are mostly from the pre and post war Cornish School such as Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, Ben Nicholson and Victor Passmore. More recently I admire the work of Barbara Rae, and American artists, Wolf Khan and Brian Rutenberg.

Comment on abstraction

Courtney Jordan“An artist needs to be fluent in the languages of realism and abstraction.

“By realism I mean the formal aspects of art—the painting techniques and drawing skills we develop over time through experience.

“Abstraction is the other side of the coin, the visual language that frees us to paint and draw what is going on inside our heads. It means that I may be looking at a tree, but I want to paint power, life, majesty, and wisdom. The tree becomes a vessel for my message, not the message itself.”

— Courtney Jordan, Editor – Artist Daily



Past Exhibitions


  • Art Dialogues, Espacio Gallery
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair
  • Somerset Arts Week, Tinca Gallery,Portishead
  • Colour & Form, The Strand Gallery, London


  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Gallery
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair
  • Joint showing, Tinca Gallery, Portishead


  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Gallery
  • Place & Space, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Horizon, Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • Landscape & City, Camden Image Gallery, London


  • Making Seen, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Mixed Show, Camden Image Gallery, London
  • Points of View, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Material Matters, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • Tudorhouse Gallery, Sawbridgeworth


  • St Albans Art Society, Best in Show
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • New Artists Fair, Candid Gallery, Islington, London


  • Short listed for Royal Institute of Oil Painters Open
  • Short listed for NEAC Open
  • Cork Street Open Exhibition
  • Short listed for the ING Discerning Eye
  • Hertford Open Exhibition


  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition


  • Hertfordshire Visual Art Forum Open Exhibition
  • University of Hertfordshire Open Exhibition
  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition


  • University of Hertfordshire Open Exhibition
  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition, Commended

Selected Work


  • Painting selected for display in the St Albans Crown Court of Justice