It has been quite a good year for reaching a few gaols, and making progress with my work. As I write this month’s blog I am so pleased to have another painting on display in the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries. The painting last year (a semi abstract view of Lamorna Cove in Cornwall ), sold and more importantly attracted one of the owners of the Tinca Gallery in Portishead who later invited me to show work in their gallery. During the year I have delivered about 15 paintings to them and visited on several occasions with huge encouragement from the two owners, Catherine & Marianne. Sales have not materialised as yet and a refresh of new work will happen in the next few months, but I feel that they are just the sort of gallery that I would love to stay with and hope that this new batch of paintings will generate some return for both them and me.

The painting selected for the ROI this year was an abstract scene based on a location in Suffolk and was one of the very few of its type that were on show, which of course may or may not be an advantage. I am getting to know some of the more established artists of the Institute now and feel happy to be talking and learning from these accomplished painters. After attending the Private Viewing and one of the Demonstration evenings this week, I hope to submit again later next year and work towards having another painting accepted, which might give me a chance of an affiliation in the following years.

I am already looking forward to doing more work in Cornwall later in May 2017 with Paul Wadsworth and then another few days at the Newlyn School of Art, followed hopefully with another week in the Lake District in October with two other artists. This will be provide me with more inspiration from another part of the country as well as more from Cornwall, but firstly I still need to work through much material I collected this year and turn that into good painting.

Finally, three paintings that I have just submitted to the Royal Society of British Artists open competition which will be showing early summer time. Fingers crossed again when I will hear on the 16th December if any have caught the eye of any of those judges!

colours-of-tobermory a-house-far-awaya-symbol-of-faith