At last, a few signs of Spring in the weather and some bright days slotted in between those dull and rainy ones!

When  landscape subjects are not inspiring me in this dull weather I tend to go off on a tangent and consider other subjects, and so this month I have been playing around with some small pure abstracts based on feelings and evocation through colour.  I need to produce some new work for  the Reading Contemporary Art Fair later in April, so these small works should be of interest and be reasonably priced for the show. See more information on my News & Events page.


I have just had a cataract operation on my left eye with another to follow soon on my right. The improvement in my vision has awakened a great sense of definition and brilliance now which could brighten some future work! The main difference so far is a whole new appreciation of how  brilliant whites are, this possibly accounts for why I have had trouble making the whites in my paintings true to life when viewed on my computer; I now should not have to turn the contrast control up so high!

Returning to the explanation I gave in last month’s blog about using my new water mixable oil paint with acrylic paint, I can now give some experience using it.  I have done several paintings using a number of colour mixes, and I am now aware of small differences that affect the mix of oil and acrylic. On the whole the mix seems to work well as traditional oil paint and has that special quality that is particular to oil paint, but it is needs a little tweaking with the exact ratios of the two bodies with other mediums to get consistent viscosity and drying effects with certain colours. I find the ‘earth colours’ and titanium white tend to lack gloss and revert to ‘skinning’ slightly, so I am trying a little retarder and possibly some gloss medium with the acrylics to resolve this. I have also ordered some clever ‘refillable’ plastic paint tubes from the USA (which I never knew existed), and I will use them to do the next batch of paint mixing. The filling of my large syringes is a very tiresome process and I hope the new tubes will be a little easier and won’t trap air bubbles quite so easily. I will report more next month.

In the meantime here are some of my small abstracts which will be for sale at Reading, and a photo of the oil mixes I have made so far.



res-IMG_2689 res-IMG_2704