I signed up for Open Studios in Hertfordshire back in April for 3 weekends in September this year, and that seemed a long time in the future then. I need not worry about producing new work to order as there would be plenty of time in the summer months for work to evolve from painting holidays and courses, and that would sufficient to show when needed.

The Childwickbury Arts Fair was the one to aim for in July and I had some good new work to show there, but then September wasn’t that far away and many of my visitors would have already seen most of that so I had get a move on to create something new to show.

Also, some of the major Open exhibitions require submissions for later in the year, so it required some strategic planning to reserve specific pieces for the ones that I wanted to aim for.

In hindsight, it all worked out well – a good attendance (about 50 visitors to Open Studios) to my studio in September. Then for the Colour & Form show at the Strand Gallery, I managed to keep 6 large paintings and 4 small to hang on their walls. As well as submitting to the ROI and the Threadneedle Prize later in the month.

The Strand gallery show was very good and had good sales overall, but my only sale was a small painting. Both the Threadneedle and the ROI were a disappointment as I did not manage to get anything accepted this year, so it is press on for next year now!Open Studios & Exhibitions

To get a bit of inspiration for these last few months, I am taking a week painting holiday in the Lake District and hoping to see the Autumn fall with all the colour of the hills around Borrowdale and Keswick.