Artist's Statement & CV

My paintings, sketches & drawings convey
and reflect the personal experience I feel, both visually and emotionally
from the various landscape locations


Artists Statement – November 2020

We can all experience ‘Landscape’ in one way or another depending on our environs. Landscape can be viewed as the wide-open countryside which is the traditional understanding of the subject, but an alternative view could be the arrangements of neighbourhood buildings and local streets, or even the interiors of our rooms, giving a wider scope for interpretation. This wealth of subject matter is the object of Clive’s artwork and he tries to use three words to guide his thoughts when he considers making a landscape painting, these are – ‘Place, Pattern & Presence’.

Place is mostly somewhere where Clive has been and which has impressed him, and it is his starting point and reason for wanting to share that experience.
Pattern may seem to be a little odd with reference to landscape, but the term can be used to assess a series of forms, boundaries, & textures that are visually interesting in a landscape view and will carry through to be the framework of a painting.
Presence is the ‘life’ of a painting which gives the viewer a shared experience of what a picture is trying to express.

These guides are a productive means of mapping out an image when Clive uses them as a starting point for a painting, also he often incorporates a visual journey of abstract thoughts into the picture as well that may summarise a particular experience of a given subject. If these are manifest in a picture they may appear obscure at first glance, but which with deeper investigation reveal links to the observed location. Clive uses underlying core colours to set the basic tone of paintings, often using contrasting colours to emphasise form and pattern and to provide vibrancy and balance within the composition. Most of his paintings are a square shape rather than a landscape format, this is to encourage the viewer to ponder what may lie outside the boundaries of this restricted form.

Acrylic and oil paint are Clive’s chosen mediums with the additional use of pastel crayon, graphite pencil, and charcoal when he wants to emphasise structure. Most of his work is on prepared plyboard as this supports heavy mark-making and thick impasto and provides a firm base ideal for scraping back or revealing underpainting.

Painters that have influenced Clive’s work are mostly from the pre-and post-war Cornish School such as Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, Ben Nicholson, and Victor Passmore. More recently he admires the work of Barbara Rae and American artists, Wolf Khan and Brian Rutenberg.

Examples of his work can be found – Instagram @clivepatterson

Facebook – clive.patterson.37  or for a more comprehensive view of current and past work Web:

Comment on abstraction

Courtney Jordan“An artist needs to be fluent in the languages of realism and abstraction.

“By realism I mean the formal aspects of art—the painting techniques and drawing skills we develop over time through experience.

“Abstraction is the other side of the coin, the visual language that frees us to paint and draw what is going on inside our heads. It means that I may be looking at a tree, but I want to paint power, life, majesty, and wisdom. The tree becomes a vessel for my message, not the message itself.”

— Courtney Jordan, Editor – Artist Daily



Past Exhibitions


  • The Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2020 – annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries – London
  • Linden Hall Gallery –‘Winter Show’ – Deal, Kent 2020
  • Linden Hall Gallery –‘Lockdown Series’ – Deal, Kent 2020


  • Camden Image Gallery – London 2019
  • Hertford Open Exhibition – 2019



  • Linden Hall Gallery – Winter Open Show – Deal, Kent 2018
  • Royal Institute of Marine Artists – Mall Galleries, London 2018
  • Iona House Gallery – Woodstock 2018
  • Camden Image Gallery – London 2018
  • (show with the North London Artists & Sculptors Group)
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair – Harpenden (participating artist 2018)
  • Ayot St Lawrence – Open Submission Show – 2018
  • Nude Tin Can Gallery – St Albans – 2018 (Solo show)


  • The Strand Gallery – London (Group show with the North London Artists & Sculptors Group)
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair – Harpenden (participating artist 2017)
  • Tinca Gallery – Portishead (North Somerset Arts week)2017
  • Art Dialogues, Espacio Gallery
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair
  • Somerset Arts Week, Tinca Gallery,Portishead
  • Colour & Form, The Strand Gallery, London


  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Gallery
  • Childwickbury Arts Fair
  • Joint showing, Tinca Gallery, Portishead


  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Gallery
  • Place & Space, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Horizon, Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • Landscape & City, Camden Image Gallery, London


  • Making Seen, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Mixed Show, Camden Image Gallery, London
  • Points of View, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Material Matters, Espacio Gallery, London
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • Tudor House Gallery, Sawbridgeworth


  • St Albans Art Society, Best in Show
  • Hertford Open Exhibition
  • New Artists Fair, Candid Gallery, Islington, London


  • Short listed for Royal Institute of Oil Painters Open
  • Short listed for NEAC Open
  • Cork Street Open Exhibition
  • Short listed for the ING Discerning Eye
  • Hertford Open Exhibition


  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition


  • Hertfordshire Visual Art Forum Open Exhibition
  • University of Hertfordshire Open Exhibition
  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition


  • University of Hertfordshire Open Exhibition
  • St Albans Art Society Summer Exhibition, Commended

Selected Work


  • Painting selected for display in the St Albans Crown Court of Justice