Many galleries find Autumn a good time to sell work, hence many of the major London shows use this key period to exhibit in the Mall Galleries. As I mentioned in the last blog post I had to ‘escape’ from the Suffolk trip to take my marine paintings to the Mall for scrutinising. I was fortunate this year to have one of the paintings selected for the Royal Institute of Marine Art show in October. It was a great privilege to attend the member’s evening with my wife, and later to show many of my art friends around the show.

Earlier in the year I approached the Iona House Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire with several paintings I had done whilst on holiday at the island of Iona in 2016. Fortunately, four were selected for their show this October – November and I am pleased to say that one has sold so far, and I have had a request for 2 other commissions from the subjects featured in the show.

The Suffolk residency was a great success and it has yielded some good work as well as some interesting depatures from my main method of working. It was a chance to try some plein air watercolour type pictures as well as trying some more radical pastel depictions which I will try to develop into full scale paintings soon.