This October I joined 11 other artists at the rather luxurious lakeside hotel call the Ladore Falls hotel just 8 miles from Keswick on Derwentwater. I arrived with a friend from London at the hotel a day before hurricane Brian decided to make its presence felt throughout the Lakes. It took hold the next day with 50mph winds and lashing rain which got us all off to a rather changeable week’s weather. Our mentors for the week were Jenny Wheatley and Mike Chapman, both NEAC members with many years experience and two distictive styles of work wich was very inspiring and which encouraged maximum effort from us all to explore the wonderful surroundings of the Lakes in that particular area. The weather settled down later and we could see that the colours of Autumn were in full view all around, and the hills when not hidden by mist were amazing, ablaze with deep purples and rusty reds. Getting out and about as much as possible produced some valuable material and proved to be an excellent opportunity to gather images to work on whilst we were there,  but also to bring back to the studio to work up some remembered experiences from photos and sketches

Here are some of the images from the trip.