I am happy to say that all the features designed to update the website are now fully functioning. I hope if you have got this far in viewing the site, you will have enjoyed the changes made.

All the work of uploading the changes on the site left very little time to concentrate on new paintings, but as you will find on the’ New Work’ page, I have made some progress. Looking back to February, I had been nurturing an idea to achieve two things in future paintings. One was to increase the tonal range in my pictures to give more impact to the subjects. The second was to incorporate plain colour areas contrasting with my bold mixed brush marks in other work areas.

The first paintings to use this new methodology were two paintings of a large oak tree in parkland grounds that I recently found visiting Staffordshire.

You will see the strong contrast in tonal value between the tree’s foliage and the background that I was aiming for and the juxtaposition of brush marks in the lower areas of the painting. These two paintings have now become a reference point for other works that I have been experimenting with these two ideas.

As the year unfolds, submitting work for open exhibitions appears in the media. This year, I hope for some success in my applications to the London institutes. The first stab was to submit one of the two oak tree paintings to the RA Summer open this year. My expectation is not high as the odds of being selected are low, but you never know. It may happen!!

Next on the list is the New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries. I have never had any acceptance in years past. Still, again I have been encouraged by my recent output and submitted four paintings. I will know in May, so here’s hoping again.

That will be all for now, and I hope to update you on progress next month.