Half way through August and starting to realise a few deadlines are approaching fast for the Open Exhibtions that are of interest to me. They all start to happen during the last few months of the year and the submission dates pile up and it becomes a bit of a nightmare planning how to submit work in separate shows so that none of it overlaps. Added to that, I am doing Open Studios during three weeks in September, fitting in a painting holiday in the Lakes, and also showing at the Strand Gallery show in October!

So, what am I going to do this year? The main objective is to get at least one painting into the ROI Open again this year, so I pulled out all the stops out and submitted 6 pictures this year!!

Next I am going to try for the RWA Open in Bristol, so I reserved another 4 pictures for that and see how that goes.

I have sent an entry for the Evening Standard Lodon exhibtion and will wait again until October to see if that comes good?

I am also going to try the London Group Open this year and this will give me a challenge to produce something of a cityscape instead of Cornwall for a change.

Finally there is the Threadneedle Open which has a deadline in September so there is still time to think about that one.

So I better crack on and see what can be done!