Some months ago I received an invitation to exhibit at the Ayot St Lawrence Art Fair. This wonderful enterprise has been going for 44 years and has a large patonage from dedicated followers from all over Hertfordshire and beyond. The paintings are displayed in a large and curiously styled Paladian church built in the 18th century and still in use by many organisations today. It is certainly not a smart gallery, but it has a special charm and a spledour that on a beautiful summer evening like we had at the Private veiwing, added to the enthusiasm of hundreds of guests who had come to see and buy paintings. I am happy to say that I was one of those who sold a picture and made the whole event so much the better, and a thoroughly good weekend, which I will hopefully show at again next year.

Here is the painting that was purchased – an abstract treatment of an overgrown pathway in the middle of the Cornish countryside cally ‘By the Path’

This is the rather grand setting of the old church with the 2 supporting marquees for refreshments, drinks and sales desks.