Hello to all visitors, thanks for viewing this update!

This blog set out to be a monthly discourse about my working practice and the various art subjects of interest but has sadly been neglected for some time.

Never mind! At the start of this year, I will try to be more regular and bring a lot of new ideas and some interesting background to the pictures and artworks that appear on this site.

This update brings many changes to the amount of information that will be shown on every page so that you can now see a chosen painting sited on a suitable room setting to get an idea of how it might look in your home! 

Together with these extra details, most of the work is now priced and is available to purchase from the site. I will soon have a shop facility, but presently my email address is on the contact page where you can tell me what picture you would like to buy and I will arrange the purchase and carriage.

You will find that the majority of the site now shows a lot more detail about the paintings and drawings you can view. There are comments about how the artworks were created and where they originated, there are now framing options and most importantly the purchase price for each piece. Occasionally some of my work is displayed in galleries and art shows and this information is now shown when looking at any particular painting and now tells you where the item is being shown and a link to see where it can be purchased.

I have had a couple of paintings ( one of which sold ) on show in the prestigious gallery in Deal, Kent called the Linden Hall Studio and I have several shows coming soon this year in the local area. One of particular interest is in July and will be showing in a new gallery for St Albans called the Collective Gallery.


Here are some photos of the Linden Hall show and also a good evening at the Collective in December.