Things have moved ahead during February and suddenly there seems a lot going on and the intensive painting work that I had planned has been spasmodic at best.
However, my application to become an artist member of the Espacio Gallery in London has been accepted and I feel that now I have joined a contemporary artist group it will encourage a more adventurous output of work. I have been to a number of their shows and I am networking with the members to discover their take on artwork. As a result I have been able to join my first exhibition group (other than the one we are working with my artist friends, for the October show ) as an exhibiting member and we have had our planning meeting and I have got involved the logistics. The time line is very short as they want to exhibit from 9 -15th April which is a matter of weeks to go now! I will post an invitation to you all as soon as we have the graphics for web output.
I have achieved quite a number of paintings this month despite the pressure of other art matters, and I feel that I am coming to terms with this new abstraction from the grid sketches I described last month. The interplay with colours is becoming very interesting as I now want to push away from replicating the initial sketch marks with their representational colours and tones, and now try to mix colour combinations that still have a reference to the starting point, but also bring in a more expressive pallet. I might need some guidance and another opinions about where this is going so if anyone wants to leave a comment, please do so. There are some examples on the ‘new work’ page of the site.
The other idea that I have had some success with is to evaluate a ‘finished’ painting to see if there are areas that work better than others, and then re-work just those sections to see if a new more concise statement can be achieved. This came about strangely because I had to crop down some pictures for the website that resulted in a ratio of 2:1 for the format. I realised whilst doing this that some of the partial images were as good, or if not better than the whole! Here is one of the ‘cut downs’ that has been given a bit more development.

The outline is clearly visable - small