Just heard this month that one of my submissions to the Royal Institute of Oil Painters has been accepted and it will be on show at the Mall Galleries from 30 November to 11th December. This painting is an abstract, but based on a particular part of Walberswick in Suffolk which I photographed and sketched in 2014. It is of particular interest to me as it was a real struggle to get anywhere with it as it went through several changes and it is a variant of another painting of the same scene. Although there some similarities in both paintings, I think the further development work I have done on the abstract has given the subject more depth and interest – see what you think ( the submission is the one on the left ).

intervention the-crossing-place









I have embarked on a whole related series of paintings of scenes I experienced on a trip to the island of Iona in June this year with my wife. She had been there before and told me about the magical quality of the secluded beaches and the light on the hills and rock outcrops that featured on this tiny island situated on the far tip of the larger island of Mull. I was indeed captivated by the place and found that I was not the only painter who had discovered this special place. I learnt from a local gallery owner that 2 distinguished artists from the Scottish colourist school had also spent much time painting this island year after year. Their names were Samuel Peploe and Francis Cadell, both made their name at the turn of the 20th century and are featured in the book ‘Paintings of Iona’ written by Phillip MacLeod Coupe, which I was fortunate to buy from the gallery.

Their work has made a deep impression on me and it has encouraged me to temporarily paint in a more figurative style for a while – these are some of the current paintings from the Scottish trip and the island, and I hope will find their way to the Tinca gallery in Portishead that now takes my work.

img_2306 img_2305 img_2304