My last post was for activity up to the end of last year, and there has been a considerable gap in the blog writing until now. It is certainly time to remedy that and publish some thoughts and accounts of my activity this year so far!

The only painting that I was able to do in the first few months of the year was to finish the last 4 of 13 paintings and fulfill my commitment to the Tinca gallery for some new work to show during the Spring period, and to take back my initial selection of work left last year which was a very varied bundle of pictures by subject and style. My objective this time, was to give them some more figurative paintings linked with a common theme, that potential customers could identify as pictures produced by me.

My trip to the island of Iona last year was a very suitable subject to make into this collection as it contained examples of beautiful lit seascapes, varied views of the island and scenery from the journey through the Scottish landscape. The pictures go on show during the last weeks of April into May which also happens to coincide with the North Somerset Art weeks and should attract a good viewing!

The event that was of greatest interest – post Christmas was our planned trip to Vietnam in March. It certainly did not disappoint and was a great experience for my wife and I to see many wonderful sights, to understand the troubled recent history of that country, enjoy great cuisine and meet very generous people who are struggling to accommodate the pace of modern life. Having come back with about 500 images of that amazing country, I am sure that there will be a translation of many of them into new working paintings later this year.

As we approach May, I will be making another trip to Cornwall to share my annual painting exploration with two very talented artists in and around Newlyn. This year, my two fellow colleagues and I will be encouraged by Anthony Garratt and Paul Wadsworth to push the boundaries of our painting experience in new directions. It is always a means of producing new ideas for the year and  gathering many images in front of fantastic scenery. I hope to publish some examples in later blog posts.

Meanwhile, here are some of my latest paintings that explore the abstract side of my work.