Drifting to the close of year, the snow has finally fallen and keeping warm enough to continue artwork is an envidious choice. Although the light in my studio is excellent due to the extensive glazing, there feels a chill even when heated, and the cool light is not conducive to long periods of thoughtful painting.

My quest at the moment is to enter work for the RWS and the RI open submission shows later next year.  Plein air paint sketches from my Lakeland holiday in October will do nicely for the RI and might stand a chance of selection, but I am a bit at loss as to know what to submit to the RWS. I attended the RWS ‘Little Picture Show’ last week and was very encouraged to see similar work on display to that which I have done during the past year, and so that might the direction to go? When this is done, then I think it time to make a fresh start next year after all the Christmas fuss is out of the way and my mind is not taken up with choosing presents and festival activities.

Let us all hope we have a good Christmas and that new bright ideas might spring again in the New Year.

Here is a memorable scene of my back garden so that I can remember the year it snowed again!